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Welcome to Chicago Connect

Chicago Connect specialize in increasing market share for our clients’ brands and we ensure we tailor our services to their needs in a face-to-face environment. There are various disciplines in the direct marketing field and we primarily focus on live marketing strategies. The marketplace is fiercely competitive and brands in all industries are vying for their potential customers attention. With so many choices on how brands can target their customers, choosing the right marketing mix is more important than ever. That’s where Chicago Connect comes in.

What We Do

We want to put a smile on your face, which makes a difference to your business and your customers alike. All we expect is your honest feedback to help us move forward. Provide us with a clear outline of what your vision is for your company and we will work together to create a clear set path to deliver the results you desire. This way there is a win-win situation in that you are making a return on investment, your customers are getting the products and services they need, and we are gaining the respect of our clients and furthermore within our industry.

Why Choose Us?

We believe the reason why we are so different is that we care about our people and customers alike. Where some company’s opinions may differ with time and results, we have moved away from quality versus quantity and deliver both high quality and a large quantity of new customers to our clients. Delivering a measurable and constant influx of customers we are growing from strength to strength. Chicago Connect believe that you should not have to choose between the two.


Chicago Connect are able to provide quantifiable and visible growth for our clients, making outsourcing a more modern and effective way of promoting your business. Unlike more traditional forms of marketing or advertising where it may be difficult to get a real idea of the effectiveness, we can provide our clients with accurate feedback of our results, making us the smarter addition to your marketing budget. As a company we get to grow and we get to achieve our targets simultaneously with our clients.

Live Marketing

Live marketing is starting to become the number one choice for a lot of companies to promote their brand. There are many reasons for this, the main one being low risks and high rewards. One-to-one interactions have been proven to work time and time again and are one of the oldest forms of advertising. Chicago Connect realizes that even with the influx of modern technological advancements, there will always be a need to humanize a brand and have the option for customers to talk to a person (not a computer) about any queries or issues they may have. Only time will tell what will be possible in the future. All we know is that Chicago Connect will be part of the evolution.


We believe that in order for any organization to achieve or sustain proper growth then relationship building has to be a priority and we do just that. We let our shiny faces, soothing demeanor, and bright smiles serve as the calling cards for our clients. Our targeted mapping strategies, proficient use of performance enhancing technology, professional image, customer oriented approach, and enthusiastic promotion strategies is what sets us apart from the others. We care about our customers, clients, and our associates thus creating a system in which all parties benefit. Talk about win, win!

Our Goals

Here at Chicago Connect our mission is to be so effective in our impact on the marketplace on behalf of our clients that they completely dissemble their internal marketing efforts! No seriously! Our thoughts are that if they are able to focus on just being amazing service/providers then they can leave marketing to the experts.

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We are a brand development, customer acquisition, live marketing agency that aims to revolutionize the concept of traditional marketing and the wedge it creates between the customer and the company. We integrate the perfect blend of personality and product specialization to fit the needs of the marketplace.

Work With Us

We make marketing fun and relevant. From creating special campaign-specific events that enhances the customers' buying-experience to finding the best and brightest batch of dynamic people to make our event an attraction, we have mastered the art of interaction! 


Finding Us
16 N Wabash, Chicago, 60602


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Business as usual!We're adapting to our environment, here's how:

Masks are being word in the building at all times and our team are adhering to social distancing requirements of 6ft. We're also frequently deep cleaning the office and lobby as well as having hand sanitizing stations throughout.